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Hi everyone! It’s been a while… a year actually. So, I’m coming back to blogging. I’ve missed it! I always get the fear and worry too much that no one reads it so then get put off and stop but then get people asking why I’ve stopped and to be honest I find it a good way to just let shit out. But screw that. I enjoy blogging, like I said, it’s a good way for me to let shit out and also a nice way for me to keep memories of days out, kids growing up and lots of other things! So, I’m back :) expect some random ramblings, updates on the kids, days out and maybe a few reviews.   K x  


Swoon Nails | Appreciation

Holy moly… I can’t believe it’s been a year of Swoon visits! And to celebrate I thought I’d do a Swoon Nails Appreciation blog and share in one post all the amazing nails I’ve had over the last 12 months. Pineapple Express This is where it all began. My sister booked us in to get our nails done for her flamazing wedding (which btw a blog about that will be coming soon). The theme was pineapple and flamingos so my nails fitted perfectly. These are also extensions, my nails were awful at this point but for my sisters wedding I didn’t want short nails. 2. Magical Unicorn So this is when I decided to stop with extensions and try and grow my nails, hence the shortness. From these nails onwards they are my own nail. I absolutely loved these, so unicorny, so summery, so magical! 3. Disco Mermaid Obv following on from unicorn nails you need to go for the next amazing mythical creature… MERMAID. 4. Monochrome Goldness So we’d not long moved into our new house and sticking to the theme of our bedroom here this is what I got… Love it! So clean, simple but frigging awesome! 5. […]


Living Arrows | 21/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Mini K has had a lot going on the last few weeks and I feel like over the last couple of months she’s just grown up! She’s just started reading the Harry Potter books and she received a certificate in assembly for her writing skills! Her teacher is so impressed with her. And Little M… well he’s just gotten a Jumper and absolutely loves it and his big sister got him a Dinosaur – she’d seen this when I was pregnant but I kept forgetting to order it until the other day!  x


Top 10 Baby Buys…

I’d thought I’d do my top 10 favourite baby buys that I’ve got. These are things I use daily and absolutely love! In no particular order; Sleepyhead Deluxe: £110 You can read my review here. I absolutely love this and Little M is so snuggly in it. I’m definitely getting the Grand one next month. Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep Machine: £125 / however always on offer for around £50/£60 I don’t know how I managed to do night feeds with Mini K without this machine. It’s so straight forward and easy to use. I got this machine on offer for £50 off Amazon and it is 100% worth the money. We have the black one and have it set up in our bedroom. Shnuggle bath: £24.95 You can read my review here. The main reason I love this bath is that Little M can sit up and is supported. He likes to see whats going on so absolutely loves chilling in his wee bath! Teether; Sophie the Giraffe, Pip & Matchstick Monkey : £10 – £20 You can read my review on Pip here. I will also be doing a review on the Matchstick Monkey next week. These teethers are great because they are very […]


5 Months Old…

Weight: 16lbs 6oz Clothes size: 3-6 months / baby grows though are 6-9 months Nappy size: Size 3 Vocals: We’ve got giggles! And some lovely singing… Milestones: Teething / rolling over Favourite thing to do: Rolling over to play with his giraffe (pictured above)  


Living Arrows | 18/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” This weekend Little M figured out he could catch things in-between his toes!


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