18 Weeks

18 weeksHow far along: 18 weeks

Babies size: About 12cm long

Sleep: Keep waking up around 3am and needing to pee! I’m then restless for about an hour

Clothes: Maternity jeans only although starting to feel some of my tops are getting a bit tight so I may have to do some online shopping! Cant find any normal maternity tops that I like so will probably get a few tops in the next size up

Craving: Nothing really – got a bit of a funny relationship with food just now, not in the mood for anything but making myself eat!

Symptoms: Breathless still! Also the last couple of days my bladders has been ridiculous!! Cant stop peeing!!!

Stretchmarks: None

Doctors appointment: Next one is Monday 18th July – this is just a check-up with my midwife, get bloods taken etc. Kiera has decided she wants to come too so she can meet the babies doctor

Other: Over the last week or so each night Kiera and I are lying down, she’s singing a song to the baby and then we are going over how we are feeling. Kiera’s said this is really helping her come to terms with all the changes that will happen once baby arrives. It’s been really nice doing this with her every night and the majority of how she is feeling and why is because she is already feeling protective for the baby


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