19 Weeks

19 weeks

How far along: 19 weeks

Babies size: About 14.2cm long

Sleep: Not sleeping well at all just now, when I’m lying on my side my hip gets sore and then when I lie on my back it’s only comfy for about half an hour…

Clothes: Maternity jeans and just got some new maternity tops and a few “normal” tops. I’m wanting to be comfy and look nice – can anyone suggest any good maternity shops??

Craving: Nothing really, I was the same with Mini K. Although I am randomly craving a certain meal and I have to eat that or it tastes rubbish haha! The other day I really wanted steak, so popped up to my local Tesco and got some steaks… as I was cooking there was an overwhelming smell of blood and it made me feel sick but I thought it would all be fine once finished. However, when we sat down to eat it I couldn’t touch the steak so  I ate chip, asparagus and peppercorn sauce.

Symptoms: Breathless still although starting to go away. Had awful heartburn as well

Stretchmarks: None

Doctors appointment: All went well on Monday, it was just a basic check-up with my midwife. Mini K also got to hear the babies heart beat which was lovely.
Next one is Thursday 28th July – this is the 20 weeks scan!!

Other: I was going to do these fortnightly but I decided to do one this week as the 19 weeks mark is when I found out I was pregnant with Mini K.
I can’t get over how big my bump is already. At this point with Mini K I didn’t have a bump at all. I wish I did these photos, or something similar, when I was pregnant last time.

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