21 Weeks

IMG_5847How far along: 21 weeks

Babies size: About 27cm long

Sleep: The last few nights I’ve gotten cramp in my leg! So not sleeping too well.

Clothes: Maternity jeans, maternity tops and a few “normal” tops.

Craving: Nothing again this week, had a few days where I’ve not been keen on food.

Symptoms: CRAMP! I remember getting awful cramp in my legs with Mini K and right enough it’s happening again. I keep waking up screaming and crying in pain. Also, Little Man is lying very low and sometimes it’s hurting to walk as he’s so far down.

Stretchmarks: None

Doctors appointment: Next appointment: 25th August – checkup with my midwife.

Other: The last 3/4 weeks I’ve been feeling a lot of movement and the other night, as C was talking to bump C felt him kicking! The next day Mini K was singing to bump and felt him kick too – very exciting! I love that I can now share this with them.

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