24 Weeks

IMG_5963How far along: 24 weeks

Babies size: About 30cm long

Sleep: Been sleeping a lot better this week – although still the occasional cramp in my leg

Clothes: Maternity jeans, maternity tops and a few “normal” tops.

Craving: Nothing!

Symptoms: Cramp in my leg and pain in pelvic area

Stretchmarks: None

Doctors appointment: Next appointment: 22nd September – checkup with my midwife and to take blood tests.

Other: We have moved and been in our new home for a week now! We are nearly all unpacked as well which is fantastic and just waiting on a few new bits of furniture to arrive. In September I am redecorating our bedroom and living room so I will do posts on those and in October I’ll be doing Mini K and LM’s bedrooms – again will take lots of pics and do posts on these too.

I also had my midwife appointment this week; all went well. We got to hear LM’s heartbeat again, which always makes me feel so much more relaxed – I feel him kicking all the time but I think not having the scans constantly like I did with Mini K is making me anxious and worry. My midwife said I’m also measuring 2 weeks bigger (that explains it!) and when I go for my next appt in 4 weeks if this is still the same case then I’ll get put in for another scan.


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