5 days to go….

Are you guys ready for Christmas?

I’m so excited for this year, Kiera’s older so it will be more fun. Last year she was 5 months old and ate the wrapping paper!

I was really hoping I would’ve been ready a lot earlier this year but with moving house and been ridicuously busy with Giggles and Tickles the weeks have just flew in and now here I am… Only bought 5 big toys for Kiera, most of them that HappyLand make, there really cute! I get paid on Thursday so I plan on go into town very early to do some last minute shopping.

Money has been tight with the business just now so I’ve also decided I’m pitting £80 away and I’ll take Kiera shopping in the January sales! There’s a little saver idea for you all.

Just a little update on the business side of things, I sold two more nappy cakes and have a few orders. My business plan is coming along fantastically I’m quite proud of it, hoping I will be going to PSYBT panel for funding by the end of January if all goes to plan.





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