30 Months & 30 Little Things

A letter to Kiera…

This month you are exactly two and a half – 30 months.

It is actually crazy how quickly this has went in. I remember the day you where born like it was yesterday. Watching you growing everyday amazes me, just now you are picking things up so quickly and its just lovely to watch and help you devolp into the person you are going to be. I can already tell you will be a little comedian and you’ve loved to dance and sing from the moment you could.
Here are “30 Little Things” that I love about you…

1. The way you say, “Drink of water” so politley and posh
2. How neat and tidy you are
3. The way we say “I love you, this much” (with actions)
4. Every night I tuck you into bed we read and book and ,if you know it, you say the words too
5. When you have an “ouchie” you ask me to “kiss better”
6. Whenever we leave the flat you say “bye teddies, bye Hope, bye house”
7. How you put your slippers on and then bring your dressing gown into me when you get up
8. That at the end of every meal you say, “All done!” and put your hands up  in the air
9. The way you say, “cheesey toast!”
10. Each morning , before work & nursery, you sneak something of yours into my bag so when I get into the office I have a suprise! And you always remember you’ve done it when I pick you up
11. How you say, “Soons!” for “see you soon”
12. Your obsession with bags & shoes
13. Every time my nails are painted you look and them and say, “ohhhh pretty!”
14. How excited you get when we go on a train
15. Every time we pull into Gran & Granpa’s driveway you shout, “BLAILEY!” (as in Bailey – their dog)
16. How you call Aunt Caragh, Lala
17. The way you organize your hair clips and hairbands
18. When we walk down the street I have one hand in my pocket and the other holding yours and you do the same
19. The first song you started to properly sing was Ba Ba Black Sheep
20. How much you love the song Twinkle Twinkle
21. Every night after a bath you just want to sit and cuddle before you get jammies on
22. You’re little giggle and then you say, “I funny”
23. How you tickle Hope (our dog)
24. That when I do my finger mustache, you do it too
25. Every morning you tell me what you need for nursery (bag, coat, shoes)
26. That when you’ve been naughty I tell you what you’ve done wrong you say, “sowwy mummy. cuddle?”
27. When we watched the Lion King the first time and I cried when Mufassa died you looked and me and said, “its okay mummy”
28. How caring you are
29. That every morning walking to nursery you give me the biggest cuddle when I carry you over – then when I pick you up you chatter and sing away
30. Watching you grow into the wonderful little girl you are


I love you xxx

Mummy and me

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  • Naomi Johnston
    January 25, 2013 at 16:18

    Aww that is so lovely!!!

    I’m sitting here with a huge big smile on my face, close to tears. You guys are the cutest!!!!

    You are a wonderful mummy ambassador :) x

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