30 Weeks


How far along: 30 weeks

Babies size: About 39cm long

Sleep: whats this?

Clothes: Maternity jeans, maternity tops and a few “normal” tops.

Craving: Nothing!!

Symptoms: Cramp in my leg, slight heartburn, dry/sensitive skin and pain in pelvic area – pain in my pelvic area has gotten worse

Stretchmarks: None

Doctors appointment: Next midwife appt – 20th October.

I had my first physio appointment yesterday which involved about 4 other expectant mothers experiencing the same pain. I will be more than likely going back for a one to one appointment soon.

Other: I’m feeling tired, sore and grumpy. Trying to remain positive though and keep trying to enjoy everything about being pregnant.

I cannot believe we are on the 10 week countdown!

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