35 Weeks

35-weeksHow far along: 35 weeks

Babies size: About 46cm long

Sleep: I’m exhausted – trying to go for naps when I can (although obv cant do this at work)

Clothes: Maternity jeans/leggings, maternity tops and a few “normal” tops.

Craving: Nothing still…

Symptoms: Pelvic girdle pain, feeling tired, BABY BRAIN, nesting, hormones x10!

Stretchmarks: None – started to use Bio-Oil last week though just as I’m in the final few weeks and I’m expecting to get bigger so each night I’m putting this on

Doctors appointment: Next midwife appt – 22nd Novemeber

Physio appointment: I had a one to one appointment on the 31st where I was assessed and checked over and asked lots of questions. I was then given a tubigrip to wear around my bump and a special support belt that I can only wear when walking/standing (you cant sit down with this on).

2 weeks in – turns out I’m allergic to tubigrip! Came out in a rash and painful itching accross my stomach. The belt has been helpful however find it annoying having to take on and off all the time. The last 2 days I’ve had really sharp, stabbing pain instead of the usual pain so waiting on a call back from physio to see what the next step is.

Other: I think we are pretty much all sorted, ready and waiting for our new arrival.
I’m starting to feel very nervous and anxious about labour – I am thinking about everything a lot more this time compared to Mini K. I also worried about going into labour when I’m already in so much pain.


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