38 Weeks

img_6723How far along: 38 weeks

Babies size: About 49cm long

Sleep: back to being very uncomfortable when trying to sleep, having naps when I can

Clothes: Maternity leggings, maternity tops and a few “normal” tops.

Craving: Nothing still…

Symptoms: Pelvic girdle pain, feeling tired, BABY BRAIN, nesting, hormones x10! Constant cramping in lower abdomen. 

Stretchmarks: None – using Shea Scrub and Bio-Oil

Midwife appointment: Next midwife appt – 6th Dec

I had my appointment on Monday 28th with the consultant, I was in the hospital from 9 till around 2:30! We had another scan and it showed there is a little extra fluid and that LM is weighing around 7lbs. With the added weight of the extra fluid on my pelvis this will be causing more pain. So we have came up with 2 plans (after lots of tears).

Physio appointment: The only thing I could be offered now is crutches and I’ve decided for the time being that I don’t want them – I’m now on mat leave so resting lots.

Other: Been on mat leave since Wednesday! My last day in work was odd, felt strange leaving and handing everything back in but knowing I’ll be coming back.

On Wednesday morning I spent about a half hour crying my eyes out… I think the realisation that I’d finished up work and things could be happening soon just hit me. I was sitting on Mini K’s bed looking at some of her drawings and thinking about how she was my first baby that changed my life and is so special to me and soon she will be a big sister, and no doubt a wonderful big sis!

I’m so proud of Mini K.


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