39 Weeks

How far along: 39 weeks

Babies size: About 50cm long

Sleep: Using a hot water bottle most nights to help ease some of the pain, having very crazy dreams and napping during the day still

Clothes: Maternity leggings, maternity tops and a few “normal” tops.

Craving: Nothing…

Symptoms: Pelvic girdle pain, feeling tired, BABY BRAIN, nesting, hormones x10! Constant cramping in lower abdomen. 

Stretchmarks: None – using Shea Scrub and Bio-Oil

Midwife appointment: Next midwife/consultant appt – 12th Dec

I saw my midwife on Tuesday 6th Dec where I was given a sweep to hopefully get things moving along naturally… also discussed with her what the plan for Monday 12th Dec is if things don’t happen by then.

Physio appointment: The only thing I could be offered now is crutches and I’ve decided for the time being that I don’t want them – I’m now on mat leave so resting lots.

Other: I’m absolutely exhausted now, the slightest thing I do (because I’m fighting through pain as well) is a lot of effort. I’m not good at sitting and doing nothing but I’m really trying to do as little as possible just now and rest. I’m feeling done in and ready for LM to make an appearance!

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