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Hello everyone!

This is the official page for my new business Giggles and Tickles! Not much will be happening on it just now, I just have it set up for blogging until I get more funding.

I guess I’ll tell you a bit about me. I am 20 and have a one year old daughter, Kiera, when she was just 3 months old I decided I wanted to start up a website for young parents (under 21). This website, for now, will be full of my blogs about daily life as a young mum! I will also include recipes, advice, thoughts, quick hair up-do’s for pregnant mums and mums and much, much more.

Once I have the rest of the funding I need the website will be a lot more ‘official’ and will contain weekly bump to baby to toddler updates, an auction shop, my own range of maternity and baby wear and lots more going on. I also hope to have other young mums and dads stories on here too!

I have been supported by the Prince’s Trust and I did the Exploring Enterprise programme. I am now a Youth Ambassador for the Prince’s trust which is very exciting. They’ve helped me a lot and I love paying that forward in my new role as Youth Ambassador.

So, that’s just a brief post about me and what I am wanting to do.

Add me on twitter @gigglestickles

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