A working mummy

As you all know I have just started a wonderful job with the Prince’s Trust as a Job Ambassador. 

As much as I’m enjoyong working again I’m also finding a few things quite hard…

Ive been in this job 11 weeks andthey say it can take 13 weeks to get into a routine with work and family life and if I am honest things area starting to get easier. A few things I’ve found hard is I was a full time stay at home mum and now Kiera’s in nursery and I working full-time so this alone is a bigchange.

The first week Kiera came down with chicken pox! Typical. Luckily she got them Thursday/Friday and was back on the Monday. Yes, I’m happy she has now had them so they are over with but I feltagility (even though she wasguinea) to send her back to nursery, I just wanted to give had lots of cuddles.

Then this weekend she got an ear infection, so off to the out of hours doctors we went who gave us anti-biotics and ssaid she would be fine for nursery. Again, I sent her to nursery and had a huge feeling of guilt but when I picked her up the staff said she had been fine.

I guess, like most mothers, when our little one isn’t well we just want to give them lots of cuddles and have a lazy, movie, pyjama day with them.

The good thing is the nursery know to give me a call and I’ll be there right away if they need me to be and I know Kiera is in a safe place. 

Its just hard.



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