All good things come to an end…

Yesterday all the Young Ambassadors where to go into the Prince’s Trust office to get our certificates and then go for a ‘final supper’ – it all got quite emotional.

Only a few of us could make it due to others having work commitments or it was too for to travel. There was Naomi, AmyBeth, Lee, Ian and me. When I arrived (I was 20min late) Helena went and got all the staff in and then said a wee speech about what we have done and how we have helped the Prince’s Trust and then we were awarded our certificates and were asked to say a wee speech about what we have enjoyed most about our experiences.

Everyone said really great speeches and I was last to go up and pretty much everything I was going to say had been said.


Once that was done we then headed to Di Magios for a scumptious meal! It was just us ambassadors and Helena that went and it was a really good laugh.

Note to Ian –  write a book! – This guy has amazing stories.

If anyone in the restaurant heard any of our conversations they would’ve been like, “what the what?!”. We were talking about things from gambling to homelessness to knife crime to body’s being in the boot of a flipping car!


After the meal we all said our goodbyes and hopefully we will all see each other again!

I’d just like to say thank you to everyone in the Prince’s Trust for giving me this oppertunity, its been great. I’ve gained so much confidence and grown so much through it all. I’ve also had a lot of fun being an ambassador, letting people hear my story and hope to inspire others. Its hard to pick a favorite event, I’ve really enjoyed helping the Prince’s Trust. And Remember I am always here if you need me! 

I am still doing a few things for the Prince’s Trust, next month I am going to London and also going to parliament – they just cant get rid of me.




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