A few weeks ago K enrolled in ballet.

For a while she had been saying to me, “I want to be a ballerina…” So after looking for a while I finally enrolled her in a dance school.
Just now she is doing ballet and in a few months will start tap too.

K’s first day at dancing I got to go in and watch, she became nervous and shy at first but soon began to join in. The next week K ran off, I got to watch again and I have to say I was really impressed and immensely proud at how well she was doing for her second class.

From the moment she could K has been singing and dancing, she often wonders round the house, shops or nursery singing her own little songs and making up her own dances.

They are now rehearsing for their nursery Christmas show, apparently K already knows all the words to Jingle Bell Rock and has picked up the dance routine so quickly – the staff where impressed too!

For 5 weeks now K has been going to ballet, from the moment I pick her up to when I put her to bed she tells me all about it how she was on her “tippy-toes” and did some “twirlys” its lovely to see her enjoy something like ballet so much.


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