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After writing about my labour with Little M I decided it was about time I wrote Mini K’s too! Albeit 6 1/2 years later…

I fell pregnant with Mini K when I was 18. I was 19 weeks pregnant when I found out and it was a huge shock. My initial thinking was a long the lines of, “holy crap.”,”WTF.” and “Nahhh this can’t be true. Can it?!”

It was scary to say the least and I had a shit load going on at the time.

Because I didn’t find out till 19 weeks I was put on high risk, meaning I had constant appointments to monitor everything – I didn’t complain, this meant more scans!

Pregnancy wise, I sailed through it to be honest. Everything was fine, I was fine, all was good.

Back then though I refused to be in any pictures so I think there is only about 2 or 3 of me pregnant and I refused to be in any photos taken in the hospital – there’s only one of these and now I’m so happy there is.

Mini K was due on the 7th July and of course thinking this was my first baby I presumed I’d be late, but she decided to make an appearance 3 days early!

So what happened on the 4th of July?

woke up with cramping in my stomach, didn’t think anything of it so went back to sleep.

Woke up again, pains were getting worse. Still didn’t think anything of it.
Went downstairs and had a cup of tea, chilled out for a bit and then went for a shower.

After doing fake-tan, makeup and hair (yes, yes I did.) I decided it was probably about time to go to the hospital.

Arrived at the hospital.
I was just about to get checked over from the midwife to see how far I was when I had the sudden urge to push.

I was then wheeled through next door to the labour suit (although I couldn’t even sit in the chair!)

Mini K was born!

I had not time for gas and air let alone anything else – it all happened so quick!

With this birth I was definitely much more relaxed and chilled out. I will say as well, I have a high pain thresh hold so this is probably why I was able to hold off for so long going to the hospital.

I’d say as well that since this wasn’t a difficult birth it made me so much more anxious about Little M’s which is why I was asked to stay in the hospital from the Monday to Wednesday with him.

It’s crazy that my first birth was 6 hours and my second 46! Just goes to show literally every birth is different and one thing I learned was do not beat yourself up if you go off your birthing plan! Go with what feels right for you at the time.

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