Bumblebee Boutique; Nappy Cakes and Dongles

Still not got proper Internet set up in the new house! I’m using one of those dongles… which is rubbish cause I’m missing so much Hollyoaks and I can hardly blog cause its so flippin’ slow! Also I am still using the Blackberry hence the lack of tweets. However I will be getting my sister iPhone 4 next month. Yay!

Anyway, hope you have all been keeping well. I will now update you on whats happened this week.

Last Saturday I went into the florist, Bumblebee Boutique, at the top of my street to get some florist tape and wire, I ended up chatting to the girl that owns the shop and told her it was for making a Nappy Cake. Ironically, she also made Nappy Cakes and had an add going on Glasgow City Deals for them on Monday for 48 hours!
I went back in on the Monday to see how she was doing and how many she had sold when she offered me to take over in making the Nappy Cakes, I of course said yes! I was making a Nappy Cake for an event we did in the Prince’s Trust office in Glasgow on the Thursday so I also showed her a few pics to let her see what I can do. I am now to work out prices to sell them too her. I am so excited about this. Also, it turns out she is expanding her shop into the St Enoch centre in Glasgow City.
I am now to make 3 Nappy Cakes, a boys one, a girls one and a unisex one. All different styles to show customers what they can get.

On Thursday we held a wee event in the Guild Hall, Queens Street in Glasgow (Prince’s Trust office). It was to show people what the Prince’s Trust has done to help us and show where we are at with out businesses and also promote them. It was a good day and hopefully I have a few orders for Nappy Cakes.

That’s been my week really!

What have you all been up too?





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