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Top 10 Baby Buys…

I’d thought I’d do my top 10 favourite baby buys that I’ve got. These are things I use daily and absolutely love!

In no particular order;

  1. Sleepyhead Deluxe: £110
    You can read my review here.
    I absolutely love this and Little M is so snuggly in it. I’m definitely getting the Grand one next month.
  2. Tommy Tippee Perfect Prep Machine: £125 / however always on offer for around £50/£60
    I don’t know how I managed to do night feeds with Mini K without this machine. It’s so straight forward and easy to use. I got this machine on offer for £50 off Amazon and it is 100% worth the money. We have the black one and have it set up in our bedroom.
  3. Shnuggle bath: £24.95
    You can read my review here.
    The main reason I love this bath is that Little M can sit up and is supported. He likes to see whats going on so absolutely loves chilling in his wee bath!
  4. Teether; Sophie the Giraffe, Pip & Matchstick Monkey : £10 – £20
    You can read my review on Pip here.
    I will also be doing a review on the Matchstick Monkey next week.
    These teethers are great because they are very easy for little hands to hold. I love the look of them too and they can all be attached to dummy clips so they are perfect for out and about too!
  5. Beaba babycook: £70
    This is the one I used with Mini K and I’m so glad I kept hold of it!
    It steams food in 10mins and then you just need to blend it together. So easy and straightforward to use plus it looks smart and is easy to clean.
  6. Ikea highchair: £13
    With Mini K I had one of those big fancy highchairs that were padded, reclined and could turn into a chair… it was a nightmare to clean.
    This highchair is amazing and such a steal! I got this for Little M and absolutely love it, I also got the padded seat bit to go in it as extra support for him with is £6.
    It is so easy to clean and looks modern and smart.
  7. Ingenuity Cozy Kingdom Baby swing: £70 / however often on sale for around £50
    This swing is great, it has different speed settings, the music it plays isn’t too bad and Little M loves to chill out in it.
  8. Philips Avent bath thermometer: £18 / often on sale for around £10
    When I was pregnant Avent sent me a wee package and this was in it. I love having this for checking Little M’s bath temperature. It’s so handy. I definitely recommend getting one.
  9. Mamas & Papas Octopus playmat: £60
    You can read my review here.
    Such a good playmat, so many different things to feel and do with it and it will last for ages. It’s very easily cleaned and Little M has had countless hours of fun with this.
  10. Skip Hop Dash Signature Chevron Nappy Bag: £60
    This nappy bag is great because it has pram clips so theres no need for a big strap or the bag to keep slipping down. There is also so many pockets and is perfect for fitting all of the babies stuff in, plus my purse and a few of Mini K’s bits in.

So there you go, a few of my top fave buys!

What were you must have things?

Also, is there anything I’ve mentioned that you’d like me to write it’s own review on?

Squidge & Pip | Review

A super cute, colourful teether that simulates and soothes = everything you need in a teether…

Meet Pip – Part of the Squidge & Pip fam!

As many of you know Little M is teething just now. With Mini K teething wasn’t too bad until she was about 1 and then she chewed her pram… But with Little M, he is biting/chewing everything and it’s causing him quite a bit of pain.

First impressions:

  • The teether arrived within 2 days of ordering – love promt postage!
  • I absolutely loved the packaging it came in… I uploaded a video to my My Stories on Instagram if you saw it? Although thinking of starting a YouTube channel so will do another video there if you missed it – let me know in the comments!
  • Once, overcoming the amazing packaging, I got the teether out (Little M was napping when this arrived) I was very impressed.
  • The teether is solid, yet very bendy/flexible.
  • I love the bright colour
  • It looked very easy for Little M to hold with his tiny hands 

The first use:

  • Once Little M woke up and was on his playmat, I dangled Pip in front of him and, after a few frustrated shots, grabbed it and instantly shoved it right in his mouth – it was a hit!
  • He could hold onto easily and there was so much for him to chew on 

Overall verdict:

  • It’s safe to say this teether has been a hit with Little M. He can hold onto it easily and there is so much of it to chew and find out that the fun with this teether is endless.
  • We have tried a few teethers but this is definitely a favourite.

Top tips/Best bits:

  • You can attach this to a dummy clip so when you are out and about it’s attached at all times
  • This can go in the fridge/freezer to chill it and sooth sore gums
  • Easily sterilised – I sterilise this every night and then pop in a zip lock bag and into the fridge for the morning
  • It comes with a wee bag so once you sterilise it you can pop it in there to take out with you
  • It’s non toxic, contains no lead, latex, BPA, PVC or phthalates. It is used in most dummies, teats & by the medical industry as it does not support the growth of bacteria – made in Britain.



* please note: I received this product at a discounted rate, however the above was written and was an honest review by me.

Shnuggle Bath | Review

This has to be one of my favourite baby buys…

The Shnuggle Baby Bath.

First impressions:

  • Its quite compact, not big and bulky like a lot of baby baths are
  • The foam backrest is great – its soft and padded and also means baby isn’t putting their back on cold plastic
  • It looks nice – I love the look of this bath, it’s clean and modern looking
  • Bum support! Fantastic, this means babies from newborn + can sit in the bath and be comfy and safe in there

The first use:

  • The first time bathing a newborn is always scary, I don’t think anything can take that fear away! I was also nervous about this as Mini K absolutely hated baths up until she was about 2 so I was dreading the thought of Little M being the same.
    However, I have the say this was the most chilled out and alert  I’d seen him (he was 3 days old by this point.)
    C held his hands just under Little M’s armpits as he was a very floppy still and I washed him.

Overall verdict:

  • We’ve been using this bath pretty much daily for the past 3 months and we love it! And what’s even better is Little M loves it too (you can see clips of him smiling away on my Instagram). I’ve started putting the bath in the kitchen sink so that Little M is eye level, which he loves and because he’s started splashing so at least some of the water goes into the sink! However, I’ve just noticed that Shnuggle also sell a stand for the bath so I may invest in one of those soon.
    I absolutely love the fact that within a few short weeks Little M could sit it in without one of us holding him meaning that we could spend the bath time chatting away and playing and capturing amazing smiles. Little M looks so comfortable in the bath too.

I definitely recommend this bath – its fantastic!


Shnuggle are offering you 10% off purchases over £30 when you enter the code: giggles10



*please note; I did not receive a discount nor were asked from Shnuggle to write this review.

Mamas & Papas Octopus Playmat Gym | Review

I have the say this Mamas & Papas Octopus Playmat has to be one of my favourite things that Little M has.

What I loved about being pregnant this time was my big sister was pregnant too so we had lots of fun looking a baby things and chatting to each other about things to buy or avoid!

Its was my sister who came across this playmat and it was on offer for £30 so she snapped them up and got one for her little Cub too. (Thank you!)

What I first loved about the playmat was the bag that is comes in, its reusable and fits in snuggly so it can be put away easily.

I love the bright colours but I really liked the fact it wasn’t the bright yellows and greens etc that majority of baby toys are in.

There is so much going on with this playmat; the tenticles are crinkly or have a squeaker in and Little M loves kicking his legs so he can hear all the noises. There is 4 toys hanging down which again have bells, crinkly noises or a squeakers in and the toys are detachable and can go around the side of the playmat to make tummy time more fun.

Speaking of tummy time, the top of the Octopus’s head is cushioned so this make tummy time more comfortable for Little M.

I couldn’t get a clear photo here of Little M doing tummy time and he just keeps on moving!

This playmat is used all the time, there’s so much Little M can do with it and he absolutely loves looking and touching everything on it.


*please note; I did not receive a discount nor were asked from Mamas & Papas to write this review.



Philips Avent | Bottles & Thermometer Review

When I was pregnant with Little M Philips Avent kindly sent us a little goodie box of bits and now that Little M is 11 weeks old (can you believe it!) I thought it was about time we did a review on them!

Philips Avent has always been a brand I’ve used and trusted for baby things.

We were sent 3 Natural bottles, the difference between the Natural and Classic bottles is the shape of the teat. The Natural ones are best for using when you are also breastfeeding as it mimics the breast therefore making it easier for baby to switch between breast and teat.

We were also sent a bath/room thermometer which I have to say I love! With Mini K I didn’t get a bath thermometer and to be honest thought there wasn’t really much point in them (I did the old check the temp. with your elbow trick). Now that I’ve got one though I absolutely love it and feel like I was crazy for not having one before! It’s great for making sure the bath is the right temperature and during the day I have it out in Little M’s bedroom to keep a wee eye on the temp in there too.

Finally, in the goodie box was a pack of microwaveable sterilising bags which I haven’t used yet but I’ve popped some in my nappy bag in case of an emergency and these will be great for when we go down to England in a few months.

Sleepyheads Deluxe Review

“Is it really worth the money? Do we really need it?”

When I’m looking at buying baby things, or anything really, I always ask myself these questions. I find, particularly with baby things, there are so many products advertised and pushed onto new mums & dads that they “must have” when in reality they don’t need it at all.

I don’t know if I looked at thing differently this time round when buying things because I’ve “been there, done that” so knew what I’d use and what I wouldn’t or if it’s just the way I shop now – I constantly check reviews on things before I buy.

When I first found out we were expecting Little M I’d heard a lot about these Sleepyheads but I kept thinking to myself “do we really need one of these?” as they do feel quite pricey. I held off for a few months and then eventually decided to get one.

I have to say, after a month of using it with Little M I love it and I wish I had one for Mini K.

The pod is nice and sturdy – what I like most is how cosy Little M looks in it and he settles so quickly in it.

There are lots of amazing colours and designs, I found it really hard to choose one.

Another question I had when getting this was “how easy is this to wash?” – babies are sick or have exploding poo’s so of course to make our lives easier we want something hassle free to wash and dry. The first time I washed this I found the cover really easy to come off but struggled a little putting it back on, however the second and third time I’ve washed it I’ve found it much easier and know how to do it.

I have to say I definitely recommend a Sleepyhead.

It’s portable, comfy, cosy, snug, stylish and most importantly Little M loves it!

Baby Pics App


Many people have been asking what App I’ve been using for my bump updates and recently with Mini K so I thought it was about time I wrote a review on it and shared it all with you.

The App is called Baby Pics and it’s available in the App store and through Google Play.

What I love about the app is it is so easy and straight forward to use. You simply take a photo upload and start editing.

Top features

  • Photo filters
  • Import photos
  • Edit the photo (crop, rotate)
  • Add your own text
  • Select any of the artwork that is already there (over 350!)
  • You can order prints!

The app makes any photo look amazing by just adding a few different images and what’s even better is it’s not just for pregnancy – I’ve now started using it for my daughter who’s 6.

The artwork is broken down into several folders as well, such as Firsts, Pregnancy, Humour, Big Kids and many more, so it’s easy to find what your looking for. My favorite artwork is the fortnightly “Junk Food” bump updates.

You can download the app for free and you will get a good selection of artwork available or you can pay £2.99 to unlock all the extra artwork (which I think is absolutely worth doing!) or buy individual packs for 79p.

I’ve used this app so much within the short time I’ve had it and would absolutely recommend it to anyone it’s fantastic.

Have you used this app before? What do you think?


I have joined up with Baby Pics App for a chance for 1 luck person
to win the Premium Baby Pics App!

To enter simply follow on Instagram;

@GigglesandTickles and @BabyPicsApp
and then follow the instructions on @GigglesandTickles Instagram page

Giveaway closes Saturday 13th August @ 8pm
Winner announced on Sunday 14th August.





        So last week I was lucky enough to recieve £80 worth of vouchers to do a Morrisons shop!


On Sunday 3rd May I went along to my local Morrisons. The bus journey over took about 20mins in which Mini K fell asleep, but had woken up once we got there.

My first impressions of the store where great, every food section was clearly marked so you knew which isles to go down and the staff where friendly/helpful.

First things I picked up was  fruit and vegtables. I then continued on and picked up everything I normally would for my weekly shop, and a few cheeky extras!

At the checkout the woman who served me was lovely and chatty. As we where walking out the store Mini K got a little bit moany and was then sick! Within seconds there was a member of staff over with a bucket and wipes and helped me clean it all up – big thank you to the staff in Morrisons for not making a fuss and being so quick! We then hopped into a taxi.


photo 8

My #MorrisonsMum shop came to a total of £80.10 and I have to say the quality of the Morrions own branded things I got was excellent and I’ve got enough food to last nearly 2 weeks!


Mini K had perked up again by the time we got home, was maybe because I got her a little pressie in Morrions – ‘Pretty Pony Family’ for £5

Once everything was unpacked I started on our tea for that night. I made a sausage casserole;
Richmond Sausages: £1.05
Colman’s Season & Shake Sausage & Herb Casserole Seasoning Mix: £1.19
Morrisons White Potatoes: £2
Morrisons Organic Carrots: 85p

The next day, after a bowl of Kellogs Crunchy Nut, £2, we got crafty. For only £3 we picked up a bird house that came with paints to decorate yourself.


photo 1

Mini K really doing this enjoyed this – she decorated it with flowers and just random splots of paint. It now has a place in our garden.

Once the birdhouse had been decorated and we where waiting on it to dry I made us some lunch.

Kingsmill Bread: £1.35
Catherdral City Cheese: £4
Morrisons Smoked Ham: £1.69
Morrisons Prawn Shells Crisps: 70p
Petit Filous: £1.50
Milk: 84p

Myself and Mini K tried out the Petit Filous Milkshake Me and we both loved it.

For tea that night  we had Chiken Korma and  Tikka Masala (3 for £5)
Morrisons Poppadoms: £1.15
Morrisons fresh Chicken Pakora: £2.49
And we also watched The Lorax: £5

That evening we also made Hello Kitty cupcakes, £1.89.


As we’ve just recently moved into our new house I picked up 2 of these baskets for £1.50 each that are perfect for the bathroom cupboard and a new mop for £5.


Throughout the week for work I had plenty of things to make for lunch, including a salad;
Cuecumber: 25p
Lettuce: 65p
Carrots: 85p
Ham: £1.69

Tuna & Phili Pasta
Tuna: £4
Philidelphia: £1.85
Cathederal City Cheese : £4

and cheese & ham sandwhiches.

Overall I’ve been very impressed with the quality and the service I received from Morrisons and will definitely be going back. Has any of you tried out Morrisons lately? What did you think? 

Green.Kid Stainless Bottle

Cute, fun & colourful bottles – 100% safe. Kiera’s new favorite bottle (and mine!)

My rating:

When Kiera got in from nursery there on the table waiting for her was a brightly coloured pink bottle, she ran straight over to it and picked up, knowing straight away it was for her, Kiera looked at me and than back at the bottle and said, “aww cute!” then started to drink from it. Instantly a winner. As for me, as soon as I took the bottle out of the box I loved it, its very light, easy to clean and comes with a slow flow teat and a toddler sippy cup teat. The cup also has internal measuring markers so you know how much your are putting in the bottle.

About Green.Kid Stainless:
Green.Kid Stainless was created through the desire to bring a 100% safe, eco-friendly solution to the significant concerns posed by using plastic baby bottles to feed our children. Armed with the knowledge of the hidden dangers found in most baby bottles, they set 

out to find a revolutionary, eco-friendly and modern approach to baby and child feeding gear.
Made from 100% 18/8 (medical grade) stainless steel, Green.Kid Stainless is the non-leaching, BPA, Phthalate, Lead and Toxin free alternative to plastic feeding bottles that converts from a baby bottle to a sippy cup. Add to that the lightweight, unbreakable nature of stainless steel and the ergonomic design and retro styling and you have the ultimate, eco-friendly feeding solution for modern parents everywhere. Many of the listed BPA free alternatives are actually only LOW in levels of BPA. Our 

answer? Just say NO to plastic! 

Where to buy: today!


How much:
£15.99 – 300ml

£14.50 – 150ml



Ultimate Extension 3/4 Hair Piece

Best invention ever – every female should have them!

I was lucky enough to get the wear these for the Scottish Fashion Awards the other month. The hair piece goes in so easy and in under 2 minutes you hair is all done for your night out! Melissa (owner of MACS Glasgow and these extensions) put them in for me and I was actually shocked at how easy it was. The next day I then tried it and wow – defiantly investing in them. It just saves so much time getting prepared for a night out. MACS also offer a £5 “bring back to life” service. You can watch this video on how to put them in 

Its 100% Kanekalon, which is so soft and silky, it feels like real hair. I personally wouldn’t use human hair for this type of extension (too much work). Although with the ultimate extension you can still condition it to bring it back to life and brush it with a soft brittle brush to get out any tugs. This is a 3/4 hair piece that gives you the Ultimate glam look!

About MACS Glasgow:
Owner of MACS was Giggles and Tickles first ever special guest! You can read more about Melissa here. MACS has been open just over a year now, located in the Westend of Glasgow and very easy to get to. The salon is lovely with great staff and is basically a one-stop-shop for all your beauty needs! 

Where to buy:
Available in MACS  

How much: