Celebrate Success Awards

Well as many of you know on Tuesday it was the Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards.

My day started off going pretty well, I got up at 8.30 so I could go for a shower before Kiera got up. I managed to dry my hair, do my make-up and get dressed before she woke up! So I was pretty chuffed about that.

Then I walked in her room, and here’s where it went down hill… Kiera had managed to un-zip her baby-grow, take her nappy off (which she must have done when she went to bed because the nappy was clean!) and of course there was a big poop! I was unamused.

So I ran a bath to was her legs, while holding my breath. I am surprised I could hold it for that long. After I had got her all washed I then took her into the living room to get her dressed. This would seem like an easy task where nothing could go wrong, especially when I’ve been doing this for 16 months you’d think I’d be a pro. I was sat on the floor putting on her pretty little dress and about to put on her cardigan when the next think I heard was the sound of a huge rip.

Yep, my dress ripped.

I ran straight into my room to check in the mirror but lucky there was hardly a tare, I did feel uncomfortable though because I didn’t want to stand up at the awards ceremony and it to rip right up my back! So I went straight into town to H&M with the receipt and the dress still on, picked up another one in the same size and colour and took it over to the shop assistant and told her about the dress but said it happened on the train… She was lovely and went and got the manager and I ended up standing in the middle of H&M  with a shop assistant and manager kneeling down looking at the dress, which probably looked like I had two people staring at my arse to the other customers. Anyway, they said there apologises and let me swap dresses!

I then went for coffee in Starbucks and wondered around some shops waiting on my sister, who wasn’t meeting me in town until 2 in Slouch for lunch. After lunch we then headed to Queen St Station to get the train to Edinburgh. We got off the train and phoned a booked taxi and headed over the Prestonfield House Hotel.

Which by the way is very fancy!

We entered the hall where the awards were taking place chatted to a few people and took our seats. There was seven awards to be won; Educational Achiever of the Year, Enterprise Award, Breakthrough Award, Flying Start Award, Community Impact Award, Young Ambassador of the Year and Young achiever of the Year.

There where 3 people nominated for each category and as each category was said it showed pictures of each person and said a bit about them. I was nominated for the Enterprise Award and was up against Anthony O’Neill and Eddy Diaz. And the winner is…

Anthony O’Neill.

Anthony started up his own business A to Z Property Improvements and from a very young ages has been pretty much in business! Well done to you and I am glad it was a fellow young ambassador that won, he definitely deserves it.

Of course I was slightly gutted that I didn’t win, who wouldn’t be. Back in August when I got nominated Giggles and Tickles really wasn’t doing much, I had this and a twitter account and was making any income off it as it was only in October I really started selling baby gifts. However, I know I have achieved a lot and being a finalist for this award is incredible! I think I’m still a bit shocked to have been nominated (thanks Lisa). After the awards where given we all had to get pictures taken and all given certificates.

I didn’t get in until 11 and had just fell asleep the pram by the time I’d got to the door, so it was straight to bed for us.

I definetly think each person that won was the right person to win but everyone should be proud of themselves for being finalists!

Here is also a link to the Scotsman newspaper article that I was in the other day,  http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/features/how_the_prince_s_trust_is_changing_lives_1_1977862






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  • Lisa
    November 25, 2011 at 17:16

    Well done again! It was a very hard decision for the judges. But you are a very worthy nominee :)

    Hope you had a great night, the photos are excellent.

    See you soon
    Lisa x

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