Changing Schools…

About a month ago we moved into a 3 bedroom house. It’s not too far from where we were so Mini K would’ve been fine attending the same school.

When we had went to view the house a few months before we noticed there was school literally 2 mins away and Mini K kept asking if she would be switching schools and said she wouldn’t mind.

This was something I of course didn’t take lightly… I know she is only 6, she is confident and makes friends easily but when she first started school last year she took a confidence knock and it took around 4- 6 months for her to gain it back which to me broke my heart because she’s always been so confident. This knock also had a knock on affect to her learing and she started to struggle – again though with amazing support from the school she was back on track after 6 months.

All of this was playing on mine and C’s mind… we didn’t want to move in case she struggled with the change, making new friends, new teacher and what if she needed any support again in the future – would this new school offer good support?

So we looked into the school, read all the reports, and went and met with the teachers and asked them lots of questions.

We then made the decision, with Mini K, that this was the right thing to do and we would change schools. We liked this school for many reasons and it just felt right.

Mini K has now been at her new school for 3 weeks, she’s settled in amazing and already talking about friends she is making. On her first day it was fair to say I was more nervous than her!

She received a certificate last week in the schools assembly for her confidence and starting at a new school and fitting right in – I thought this was a lovely thing to do.

I am so very proud of her, so many things are changing this year for her and she’s responding to them far better than I could’ve ever imagined.


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