Clarence House, London #2

On Tuesday 11th (yesterday), I went to London. Again. It was just for the day.

I got up at 3.45am and got ready, then a taxi picked me up at 5am to take me to the airport. My flight was at 7am so after I checked in and got through security I went to Starbucks and got a coffee and sandwich. It was then time for me to board the plane, I was so tired and fell asleep for a while then the captain said we were about to land so I woke up and got my bus/train tickets ready for when I got off.

I got to the London Prince’s Trust office about 9.30 and waited for Naomi to come down and brief me on what was going to happen over lunch. The office there is flippin’ amazing, it has a Starbucks and everything in it!

Anyway, after I knew a bit more about what was going to be happening I went and freshened up in the bathroom. At 11.30 we headed over to Clarence House.

When we got there I felt like I was on the set of a film. We were standing outside Clarence House waiting on someone coming out to get us and the police had to check out ID’s when about 6 of the Royal Solders marched right past us! It was so surreal.

We got let into Clarence house about 12.05, when we walked in we were offered apple juice or white wine from the butlers. Everyone took the apple juice, although to clam my nerves I almost wish I had a little glass of wine!

Johnathon, Prince Charles’ secretary came in and then suggested we have a quick tour of the house before lunch. So he took us round each room and told us a little about each one. I walked around the whole time with my mouth open in shock at how gorgeous everything was and still in so much shock that I was there! I think Naomi loved watching my reaction. In one room there was this gorgeous huge gold harp…

Anyway, we then went through to another room to be served our lunch, everyone took there seats and Martina then began to speak and tell the fellow business men why they have been invited to this lunch and then she introduced me and it was my time to talk.


I was so nervous it was unreal, this was my second speech EVER and I was doing it to a much smalled crowd but it felt so much worse. I went on and did my 5 minute speech on my life before, during and after the Prince’s Trust and how much the Trust has helped me. My speech is wrote out on 7 cards and once i’d got past my 1st one I was a little more relaxed. Everyone was looking at me. And everyone had put down there cutlery to listen to me. It was very daunting but so exciting. After my speech Julian went on to speak a little and then we all sat and talked around lunch.

Now lunch, that was interesting. To begin with the butlers came round you individually and asked if you would like some bread, I said no thank you because I new I was about to speak. Then we got offered some Cous Cous, which I’m not a huge fan of so again I declined. Then some partridge. Yes that’s right as in the song, “and a partridge in a pear tree” (which by the way I ended up with that stuck in my head all day). I took some partridge and then some tomatoes and salad. I felt so posh!

For dessert we where then given, apparently, Prince Charles’ favourite. Which is raspberry and vanilla ice cream with pear through it and crushed biscuits one top. It was scrumptious!!!!!!!!!

During the lunch I was asked a few questions about the Trust, how have they helped fund me etc. and they all seemed really interested in what I had to say. Which made me more confident and relaxed.

Afterwards I got quite a huge shock. Darren, the guy from Matalan, came up to me and said I was inspirational and then offered if I would like to go to London (AGAIN) to meet with his fashion team for Matalan and get some advice and ask them question about getting into the fashion industry!!!!! Arghhhhhhhh… I actually was so not expecting that that I didn’t really know what to say and Naomi spoke for me. We ended up swapping business cards and are going to arrange for me to go down (AGAIN).

I should just move to London…

After that Naomi showed me some of London and then she had to go off to a meeting with Urban Outfitters so I was left to wonder the busy streets of London myself.

I would love to say I didn’t get lost but that would be lying and I ended up on the phone to my mum (in Scotland) asking her to help me get back to Greenpark Station. I ended up getting there fine and then went through to Euston because that’s were I was meeting Helena (Prince’s Trust worker) and Amy-Beth (Young ambassador), who had been at another pitch for 5 million with HSBC (I think). We all got the train back together and spent 5 hours talking about… everything! It was good, I’m glad I got the train home with them instead of the plane myself, I think we were all so buzzing about our days it was good to just chat about it.

Overall, I had a brilliant day. Although it totally feels like a dream now.





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