Clarence House

I got asked the other day if I would like to go to London on Tuesday 11th, to go to Prince Charles’ house to have lunch with 12 high up business men/women.

When I first got the text from Helena (Prince’s Trust worker) asking me if I’d like to go I was shocked. I phoned my sister and told her the news and she was so excited for me. I just felt so overwhelmed.

Over the last two months things have really started happening for me. I’ve moved into a really nice flat, started selling nappy cakes to a florist, met Kevin Spacey last month and so much more!

The reason this became so overwhelming for me is because I’ve never had so many people saying positive things about me and never had so many opportunities before!

I have of course agreed to go, I am so nervous but so excited! I love representing the Prince’s Trust and it will also help my business.

I will be travelling down on the Tuesday morning, flights at 7am and then getting a train back with Helena and Amy-Beth (they are down in London for Amy-Beth’s first speech at a different event). So I wont be back until Tuesday night about 10.30pm.





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  • Lisa
    October 18, 2011 at 18:20

    Hey, I was at a wedding in Birmingham on Sunday and I got chatting to a girl who works at Clarence House (it’s a small world) – she remembers meeting you last week and thought you were a star (and so do I)

    Speak to you soon
    Lisa x

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