Easter Holidays

I’ve been awful at blogging over the Easter Holidays.

But, whilst I’ve not been blogging I’ve been spending some much needed family time (and of course Instagram has been busy!)

Mini K has been off school for 2 weeks, the first week was quite chilled and we made a start on redecorating the living room. But the second week we decided to make a list of what we were going to do each day.

So, Monday we went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery, which shockingly we hadn’t been to before. It was a great day out. Mini K loved it! She was running round looking at the art and couldn’t get over how the paintings were and then the stuffed animals and bones – she loves bones!

Tuesday – we had an arts & crafts day at home. Mini K is so creative and would sit for hours drawing and making things.

Wednesday – we went a big walk and went for ice cream

Thursday – we were going to do another museum in Glasgow but Mini K really wanted to go back to Kelvingrove so C took her there whilst myself and Little M stayed home and tidied the house a bit and I popped out to get the Easter Eggs!

Friday – I was getting my nails done at Swoon and my sister and her wee Cub was coming too so we popped into town got our nails done and then went for coffee and when we got home watched The Amazing Spiderman 2 (Mini K loves anything to do with superheros)

Saturday – Mini K got a donut maker for Christmas and shockingly we still hadn’t used it so we popped to the shops to get what we needed and made some yummy donuts and then chilled out and watched a movie at night.

Sunday – C’s sister was over from Canada so we went down to his mums to see them and have an amazing roast beef dinner.

Monday (Today) – we are going to pop out for lunch because tomorrow is my birthday and Mini K is back to school, which she was very upset about the fact that she had to go back on my birthday!

So there we go, a busy few weeks but it’s been great to spend time with my Mini K.

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