So, my brother just got engaged to the lovely Donna, I think almost a month ago now, and today was the first time I’ve seen Donna since it all happened!

Luke, Donna, Kiera and I all met in town and wondered around some shops. We started off in Hamleys – where we all ended up loosing each other because it such a flipping amazing shop!

After that we went for lunch to McDonalds. During lunch Donna asked if I would be a bridesmaid and if Kiera would be their flower girl!!!!

Of course I said “YES!”…

Ahhhh I really cannot wait for this wedding! I’m so, so excited.

We then had a laugh and joke saying Kiera would probably neatly place the petals down the aisle and the clean them up after – she loves to organise things.

After lunch we wondered round a few more shops, the rain then started so we ran into another shopping center and went and grabbed a coffee.

Had such a good wee day & Kiera defiantly did too!



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