Eliminating Eczema: Trail Phase – week 1

“In the UK, up to 2 in 10 children and up to 1 in 10 adults have atopic eczema. It affects men and women equally.” qutoe from Bupa

For years I have suffered from eczema and I’ve got to the point I’ve  had enough. I’m going to trial out a few different things over a month, taking it week by week and I’ll blog about the results.

Recently my eczema has gotten worse. It’s on my neck, arms and legs. At night I’m almost crying myself to sleep as I’m so sore and my skin is unbearably itchy. It’s also gotten to the point I am very self-conscious about it, wearing long sleeved tops all the time in work and this weekend I’m meant to be going on a very rare night out and I’m panicking about what to wear – to the point I want to cancel.

So this week I am going to try:

  1. Improving My Diet:
    – eating more fruit/vegetables
    – going completely gluten free
    – cutting out dairy
  2. Natural Supplements:
    – Take cod liver oil tablets
    – Take vitamins A, D & E
  3. Minimizing stress:
    – Each night I’m going to listen to meditation music in bed to totally unwind and distress
  4. Using Non-irritating Soap & Shampoo
    – Continue to use Carishea body wash
    – Change to a natural shampoo/conditioner

So this is what I plan on trying this week. Once I have got everything I will take plenty of pictures of the food I am eating and the products I am using (follow me on twitter @GigglesTickles to see daily updates). I am now off to do a food shop and a meal plan for this week!

I will share everything I’m doing as I go along.

If anyone else has any suggestions then let me know!

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