First Year of School #1

Kiera has been in school now for 3 months. It’s crazy how much she has learned and changed and even grown since starting.

On her first day I cried my eyes out. Part of me didn’t think I’d be so upset as I was fine when she started nursery. I think it’s the fact she’s in school, she’s a big girl now, she’s going to be more independent, I won’t know everyone in her class, I won’t have that personal relationship with her teachers.

It all just got too much.

I’m so proud of her though. She’s taken to school so well – I’ve had the odd few worries which I’ll go into in another blog post, but overall she’s doing amazing.

She’s started to get reading homework and each night she reads her book and I’m amazed at how well and quickly she’s picking it up.

A few weeks ago Kiera couldn’t stop laughing at Hope Street because our dog is called Hope and she found it so funny there was a street “named after her doggy” – and then there was Bath Street…

I just wanted to do a quick post to get things kick started again on my blog. I’ve missed posting things on here but I feel like I’ve had writers block – too much going on.

School posts, regular post and more to come along with pictures.


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