First Year of School #2

First school show

The past week the school have had in a fantastic charity called Rookie Rockstars which is an initiative that was created to give children the opportunity to work with professional musicians and singers to learn original songs, record a CD and perform in a concert. The programme is designed to embrace the 4 capacities of Curriculum for Excellence by encouraging pupils to become successful learnersconfident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Last night I picked up Mini K from after school club and what normally takes a 25 min walk home took 10 (I knew she could do it!) she was so excited about being a rockstar for the night she couldn’t wait to get home and dress like one.

So we got home and I helped Mini K dress in a white and pink dipped due tutu, with a denim biker jacket, sparkly tights and high top trainers – this was a last minute throw together. Rockstar sounding though, right?

We then went off to the school, Mini K went into the canteen while the parents where ushered into the gym hall. All anxiously waiting to see out little ones perform.

The Rookie Rockstar staff did their introductions and explained what they where all about, then the kids came out. All looking brilliant!

They sang the following songs

Mini K at this point was doing great, head banging, air guitaring and singing her heart out. Although I did notice she kept looking for me, as you do, only she couldn’t see me as I was standing among lots of other parents.

As the show went on I decided to move to try and take some pictures and get a better view of my little Rockstar.

I shouldn’t have moved…

Mini K spotted me and instantly burst into tears and came running for me. I asked her if she wanted to stay and watch or if she wanted to go home. Home it was… 

As we were leaving one of the Rookie Rockstar staff gave Mini K a Rookie Rockstar bangle – she was very pleased with this.  

We got out of the school and you could hear all the children singing We Will Rock You Mini K said, “oh that’s my favourite song!” And sang it the whole way home.  

At some points Mini K can be very confident but then has a sudden panic of some sort and isn’t confident in what she’s doing.

I think with starting school and it all being so new her confidence has shaken a little. She was struggling to make friends her age, would have the odd wobble before going into school in the morning, cry sometimes because the way she wrote her N wasn’t perfect or she sometimes found numbers tricky.

I remind her that everyone is different, some people are amazing at numbers and other are brilliant at art. And not to feel bad when she doesn’t get something quite right the first, second or third time.

I guess these worries all come as part of being a parent.


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