Free the Children

Yesterday I went to London.


I really want to go down to London for a few days, but anyway. Yesterday morning I was up at 4am, had a shower, got dressed etc and then made sure I had everything. 5.25am came and I was outside, freezing, waiting for the taxi to pick me up, it arrived with Peter Jackson (fellow Young Ambassador) 5 miniutes later and we were then off to Glasgow Airport.

When we got there we went through security, I always nervously laugh going through the dectors… We went straight to Starbucks for coffee and then headed to Gate 10 to get ready to board the easyJet plane.

Got to say I feel like I’m becoming a regular.

Although this time we were flying to Gatwick, I’ve only been to Luton but luckily Peter new his way around. The flight left just after 7am and we were in London just after 8am. Something I always do when I’m on the plane to London is check over all the info for that day, the train stops I’m to get too and where to go. This time however I didn’t, this time I was unorganized in that way, but I new Peter new were he was going so it meant I got to relax in that sense!

We got the shuttle to the station, then the Gatwick Express and then the Victoria Line to Blackfrairs, where we were to meet a few other Young Ambassadors and staff to then head over to the event.

Peter and I were sure it was 10am we were all to meet there but turns out it was 10.30. Once we were all finally there we headed over, in the pouring rain, to the Free the Children and the Prince’s Trust event.

At 11.30 it all began with an introduction and then Lord Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship & Diversity, gave an excellent speech about inspiring people who changed huge parts of our world.

We were given name badges at the begining of the event and each had a number 1 – 4 on them, which were now the groups we were put into for a few workshops.

Workshop one;
Three volunteer’s were asked, with a bit of string each, to map out North & South America, China, Europe and Africa. Then we needed 25 shoes, so most people took off there shoes. We were then told that each shoe counts as 4% of population and asked to put the shoes in each country, we then got given casino chips each one symbolized 2% money and again asked to put them where we thought, the final one was food consumption used for this was uncooked pasta again acting as 2% each.
The answers we put down were then checked against the real statistics.

These were a real shocker, I really wish I had taken a picture of this as well.

Once we had the correct answers we then fixed the map and here are our results;

Shocking, right?

We were then asked to say one word about how we felt about this, most of them were things like; Sad, shocked, disgusted, appalled etc.

After a huge discussion on this we then had lunch and then everyone went back into the main room to hear Robin Wiszowaty, Free the Children’s Keyna Projects Director. Robin’s story was is incredible, she nearly had me in tears a few times. Born and raised in North America, Robin currently splits her time between Toronto, Canada, and her adoptive home of Kenya. Now a moticational speaker, community devolpment worker and author, Robin devotes her life to helping others. Robin has worked with Free the Children since 2004, after leaving her life behind in North America to live with a traditional Maasai family, Robin now works in Kenya together with local community members and hundreds of young international volunteer’s who are also striving to make a change.

Workshop two then began, so we went away in out numbered groups, talked about what Robin had just shared with us, then noticed that the room had North, South, East and West on each wall. This was the next task, four people read out four different personalities strengths and weaknesses and then told to stand where we thought we ‘belonged’. As a group we were to then say why we picked that group, discuss our strengths and weaknesses, say what other group we think we would work best with and come up with a team name.

It ended up I felt like I was really North, South and East because I’d say depending on the situation I am all three. Creative, Trusting, Determined. And I think a few other people felt the same. This was to show us though that even though we have strengths and weaknesses that’s not a bad thing, everyone does. And to make the best of it you should recognize what they are so you know who and when you need to ask for someone else’s advice/help.

We got asked what we thought would make a good leader, I said, “Someone who recognizes there strengths and weaknesses and can then hire the correct people to help.” – in other words, if there is any change to your community or the world that you want to do then you can, you just need the make sure you have the right team, determination, never loose sight of your goal and keep going.

I feel like this encouraged me a lot with what I am trying to do through Giggles and Tickles – the main reason I set up this business was to work with young parents, to hopefully inspire and encourage them and show them there is help out there.

The event finished just after 4 and we had to head back to the station to make sure we wouldn’t miss out plane home!

That would be disastrous.

When Peter and I got the the airport we had about an hour before we could go though to the gate so went and got something to eat. Then we got through to the gate and boarded the plane. Just before we took off we were watching a few other planes landing and taking off, the one taking off looked really amazing because it was raining so it made a pretty cool effect, I tried getting a picture but they didn’t really turn out good…

Overall, I had a really good time. Met lots of Young Ambassadors from all over Briton and learned a lot.

Thank you Free the Children & the Prince’s Trust.


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    April 30, 2012 at 11:14

    brilliant – thanks for sharing!

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