Gender reveal!


We’re having a boy!

Today was amazing. Mini K got to come to the scan which was so special and she absolutely loved it. The midwife was great with her and Mini K was asking loads of questions.

The most special part of the whole scan was finding out we are having a baby boy!

I’ve had a feeling over the last few weeks it’s a boy, I kept looking at baby boy clothes and thinking about boys names etc. I honestly would’ve been surprised if it was a girl – I just had such a strong feeling.

Mini K was asking for a baby brother too, she kept saying “there’s too many girls in the house, it’s not fair on daddy!” Her reaction to finding out, then and there, that she was going to have a baby brother was priceless and a moment I’m going to cherish and remember forever. She got so excited she did a little dance and jumped up and down and shouted “Daddy! All my wishes came true!” (she wished for the baby too, that’s how he got here…)

At this time I was of course lying down watching her and looking and the screen. I felt overwhelmed with emotion but managed to hold my tears in (as previously stated I’ve been ridiculously emotional).

Tomorrow we are going shopping so Mini K can pick her baby brothers (so odd saying that!) first outfit, and of course start picking up lots of boy bits!

So excited…

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