Getting Pregnant

Are you thinking about starting a family? Whenever you feel ready and have thought everything through then we can give you some information to boost your chances and make sure you have a healthy pregnancy.

Making a baby doesn’t always happen overnight. It can take time. In  this section we are going to share with you lots of interesting facts about fertility and how babies are made. You will also find out how to maximize your chances of conceiving, from ovulation to lifestyle changes you can make. You will also find lots of information on IVF, sperm-donation and other fertility treatments.

Preparing your body for pregnancy

The perfect age gap

Coming off the pill

Coming off the coil

What is folic acid

The best diet for getting pregnant

Best positions to get pregnant

Home pregnancy tests

Ovulation kits

Signs of ovulation

Fertility treatments

Fertility problems

What is IVF?

IVF Success rate


Sperm donation


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