I Moustache You A Question…

Last Saturday I met my sister in town and we headed to Timeless Tattoo to get tattoo’s!

I’ve always had such a good pain threshold but since having a baby I’m really crap with pain now, so I was extremely nervous, we had booked the tattoo’s and paid a deposit a week or two before so there was no backing out…

Yes, I do already have two tattoo’s, one on my left wrist (Angel of Mine) and another down my right arm (We will laugh at gilded butterflies), and I remember those two not being so bad, but I was just so nervous about this one.

Of course I had decided my next tattoo would be something for Kiera but I decided I didn’t want to get her name or her D.O.B because I wanted something a little different so I decided to get the word ‘Firework’ on my middle finger on the left hand.

Now I bet your wondering, ‘why Firework?’ well my answer is pretty simple. Kiera was born on the 4th July = Independence day = celebrations = fireworks + (on a cheesy note) Since having Kiera my life has really lit up, she is my little Firework!

Whilst I was getting my tattoo’s my sister, Caragh, was wondering around Glasgow with Kiera until it was her turn. We thought Kiera wasn’t aloud into Timeless Tattoo because she’s only a child but then Markus, the tattooist, said to me, ‘Of course she can come in!’ so I texted Caragh to let her know she could get out of the rain!

I then got another cheeky tattoo done… A moustache on my finger. Yes, that’s right. A moustache. Caragh was originaly getting this done and I decided to get it so we now have sister tattoo’s! And there fun ones.

I don’t have a good picture of my Firework tattoo yet but I will blog one soon to let you all see.

I have just realised though, when doing my Ambassador speeches if I’m holding a microphone then the moustache will be showing, haha.

Have any of you guys got any ‘different’ tattoo’s?





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