If You Don’t Know… Now You Know!

“Why the hell did no one tell me that!”

This was something that repeatedly popped into my head after having Mini K and I quite shocked that 6 years on this is still things people fail to be honest with you about.

So you’ve just created and carried a beautiful baby for 9 months, you’ve then just been through an agonising birth – what else could there be?

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t naive, I was expecting some pains and I didn’t expect to have a flat tummy right away – but I wasn’t sure what I was expecting and to be honest I was that busy been told and reading about pregnancy and birth that I also didn’t think too much about what happened afterwards.

  1. Keep pushing!
    What?! I’ve just pushed a baby out and now your telling me to push again?!
    Don’t worry, your not suddenly having twins (or one more than you expected) this is just the placenta your to push out.
  2. Aye that’s just afterpains
    I remember being told to expect “afterpains” but what exactly does this mean?
    These kind of feel like contractions and they mostly happen when you are feeding your baby.
  3. Geez a swatch!
    So you’ve just gave birth which already involved your dignity going out the window, well anytime a midwife comes to check on you expect this. In fact it can get to the point you say “Hi” and instantly open your legs.
    Every midwife in town who see’s you the following days post birth will want to see.
  4. Shittin’ it to pee!
    Holy crap.
    Worst. Pain. Ever.
    Well, bar labour obviously! The first pee is certainly the worst but I will tell you now it takes days to get better!! I got to the point I was terrified to go to the toilet because of the pain. It stings so bad.
  5. The first shite…
    If you remember when your in the pushing stage of labour the midwife will be telling you to “push into your bottum” (not actually out your bottom, but into it)
    Now this isn’t painful it’s more the thought of doing the poo that terrifies you. You may feel like all your inside are going to come out but don’t worry they’re not!
  6. Hunners a blood
    Yes, as most of you may know there will be bleeding/blood clots post birth.
    Make sure you have lots and lots of maternity pads, change this every time you pee and expect this to last anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
  7. Am I preggo again?
    Ahhh, the wonderful wobbly pouch you are left with post-birth.
    This will of course start going down in the days/weeks to come but it really does feel weird!
  8. Am goni greet
    Your hormones are everywhere, your exhausted and everything has changed.
    As much as you were preparing for this for the last 9 months it still feels like a huge shock to the system.
    Don’t worry, it really is ok to cry. 2 days after having Little M I was making a sandwich, dropped literally everything I took out the fridge and then stood there crying about it.
  9. Leaky boobs!
    Yes, the most glamours of all things to happen…
    If your breastfeeding or not you will get wonderful leaky boobs! Make sure you wear breast pads and also be prepared to wake up with a wet top.
  10. Everyone will want to see your new bundle of joy
    Of course family and friends will want to come round to see your new baby but you’ll be surprised at how many people you’ve not seen/spoke to in ages or even those your not that close too try to come round.
    Remember you have just had a baby and it is ok to say to people your not up for visitors.
    It’s also ok to cancel on close friends and even family! Again, you’ve just had a baby! If you’ve arranged for someone to come over but on the morning of that day you’ve had an hours sleep, no shower and feel shitty – thats ok!


So, that would be my top 10 things people seem to “forget” to tell you. Is there anything you would add?

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