Independence day baby…

I can’t believe Kiera was born a year ago! I remember it so clearly, but I won’t get into that day just now – I’m saving that for another day!

Anyway, Kiera was one on Monday 4th July and it was such a lovely day. In the morning I got up about 8.30 with Kiera and we had breakfast (bananas on toast – her favourite) and then we opened some of her presents; of course she loved the wrapping paper and the boxes most! But she did enjoy her new toys too. I then got dressed, got Kiera ready and got us both set for our day out at Sea Life. A few months ago I went to The Baby Show in the SECC, Glasgow, and was given two vouchers for 50% off in Sea Life so that
was originally where I got the idea from to go and I thought that all the colours would be really exciting for Kiera.

Monday was a gorgeous day! The sun was out, so we both had on our sunglasses and ready for a little adventure. We arrived at Loch Lomond Shores about 11.30 and went straight to the Sea Life centre. Now if anyone is wondering what’s good to do for their little ones first birthday this is a great place to take them! Kiera absolutely loved it. She was pointing at all the fish and saying “ohhh shii, ohhh shii” and she just giggled and smiled the whole way round. At one point one of the staff picked up a crab and took it over to Kiera so she could see it better, but obviously she didn’t touch it or it would have any legs left!

After that we went a walk around a few shops, then went and sat by the water to eat some sandwiches and relax for a bit. I had a little fish stamped onto my hand so we had the option of going back into the Sea Life centre if we wanted but we ended up going for ice cream and then went home.

Once we got home Kiera went for a nap and so did I, I was exhausted after all that fun and wanted to be awake for the little party we were about to have! I woke up about 4.30, did a quick tidy got Kiera up and waited on guests to arrive. People only stayed until 8.30 because that’s when it was time for Kiera’s bed plus everyone else’s kiddies needed to get to bed too!

Kiera really enjoyed her birthday and I did too! Such a fun day.





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