Isn’t it ironic

I love how pretty much as soon as I had blogged about the horrible weather and needing to buy wellies we have now all had sunshine!


Well, today I met my brother in town for a while, he had to pick up a very nice watch. We then went for lunch in TGI Fridays, flippin love this place.

I had a Chicken BLT, Kiera had chicken strips and Luke had a Jack Daniels Burger – that sauce is awesome.

We then wondered around Hamleys for a while and then headed back home.

Was a good wee day and nice to see my brother (:

Now, I am going to start re-writing my Ambassadors speech as I have been asked to speak at an event next week and my speech needs to be fixed. 

Also yesterday I started my workouts again. Did stomach in the morning and bum/legs in the evening.

Don’t see the point in complaining about something and not doing anything about it, so I am getting my ass in shape!

Also got a few emails to write tonight, face mask – seeing as my face seems to have all of a sudden gone spotty?! and shower. Then bed.

I can’t wait to go to bed tonight! I am exhausted.




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