Its here!

Finally summer is here

And I am feeling quite a bit better. I can lift Kiera again – not for too long though. Really hope this doesn’t just last a week and it starts raining again.

Got a voucher the other day from Wowcher to get waxed for the first time. It was £19 for full leg, underarm, eyebrows and bikini – deal! Turns out this place is actually pretty close to me so going to book in for Saturday. I’ve had my eyebrows waxed before but never anything else…

Also getting my hair cut this week as it is much needed! There are 3 hairdressers on my street that look pretty good but not sure how to pick which one to go to. I’m really fussy with who cuts my hair, terrified of a bad haircut. Anyone got any suggestions on this?

Seeing as I’ve been pretty much bed redden for a few days I ended up hooked on eBay looking at clothes for Kiera and some DVDS, ended up getting her 3 new dresses, the BFG and Sherk 2 (we only have 1 and 3) think they should all be arriving today!

As soon as the postmans been we are off to the park.

Right, I am away for a shower. What are you all up to today?



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