Jen & Kevins Wedding

On the 30/06/2012 my beautiful cousin, Jen, got married to Kevin.

Myself, Caragh, Abby, Anna, Eildih, Mairi and Kirsten (all of the cousins) were bridesmaids!

The morning of the wedding, 7.30am to be precise, Caragh and I went round to Aunt Janice’s house (Jen’s mum) this is where everyone was getting ready. I have really thick, long hair so was asked to come round early to start getting my hair done. Around 8am all the other bridesmaids arrived and we all went to see our dresses…

My lovely cousin Dale (Jen’s brother) had kindly made us all a flippin brilliant breakfast. So we munched that while we were all still waking up! It was soon my turn to get my hair done. The hairdresser, very patiently, went through all my hair and curled it with a curling wand then clipped my fringe to the side so it would be out my face. Once my hair was finished I then went and done my makeup. By about 10am I was pretty much ready but just needed to fix my nails, which turned out like this…

Excuse the claw hand, seems to be the best way to show off my nail art.

It got to about 10.30 and we were all sat down, including the bride, very calmly waiting and thinking “hmmmm what now…” I dont know about anyone else but I was expecting to be feeling more rushed the morning of the wedding but it was actually really nice and calm, which was great!

Dale then sorted out some brunch, we figured we now wont be eating till 7ish so we should stuff our faces.

Nom nom nom…

After that, it was time. Time to put our dresses on and then get ready to leave!

All of the bridesmaids where very excited about this and we rushed into the spare room to get ready. Once figuring out we should put dresses on first and then the underskirt we were ready in no time.

None of us had seen Jen’s dress. I had heard there was a little bit of pink of it and was so excited to see it. The dress got, very carefully, carried down stairs to the living room. For about 15 minutes I could only see the back of the dress and was dying to see the front!

We evacuated all males from the house and watched the magic behind putting a gorgeous wedding dress on…

Jen looked absolutely stunning. 

Once she was ready we got some pictures taken and then went on our bus to the church in Glasgow.

The service was lovely and personal. Keeping it personal I think is so important.

After the service we got lots more pictures taken and I finally got to see Kiera! Who I hadn’t seen all day and she defiently missed me but found a new love for flowers… or in Kiera’s words, “fye”.

Everyone then got buses to Finleystone where the reception was. Once all guests had arrived we then were seated, heard some great speaches and then it was time for…


It was a delicious hog roast and strawberry’s and ice cream for dessert. 

 Kiera kept our table very entertained. Lots of singing and dancing, I think everyone was filming her at one point and the photographers loved her!

After dinner it was time to dance the night away…

Kiera at one point had a circle of people dancing round her. 

There was also the best possible thing EVER to have at a wedding… or anywhere.

A photobooth.

I was in there all night. I even managed to drag my mum and gran in, and Abby managed to put a wig and police hat on my gran! 

Kiera and I also got one done which wasn’t so successful but the results are hilarious…

All in all the wedding and evening was fantastic. Jenifer looked beautiful, the service was lovely and the reception was brilliant.

Congratulation Jen & Kevin!



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