Job Ambassador week #1

Every week I am going to write about what I have been upto as one of the new and first Job Ambassadors for the Prince’s Trust. 

For Scotland there a now 7 of us starting this role that lasts for 12 months. 

This week we went over work policies, program specialists, the different program’s the Trust offers,more detail about Fairbridge (a recent merge with the Prince’s Trust), office etiquette, what a Job Ambassador is/isn’t, FQA’s and much more.

As its week #1 we where just going over basics and I think I speak for all of us when i say we are all dying to get out there!

This week and week #2 we are working 10 – 4 because there are a few people travelling quite a distance for training.


I am so excited for week #2 and what the rest of the year brings!

I love my job.



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