Job Ambassador week #16

On Monday I found out one of my collegues from the PDP (Personal Deveolpment Partnership) is leaving on the 8th Febuary so I had a catch up with them to find out if they have any useful contacts that we could use and now meetings are getting set up with MCMC a(More Choices, More Chances) and EIL (Early Intervention for Learning).
Myself and Amanda (Job Ambassador for Lanarkshire) then went to a meeting with One Parent Families Scotland to discuss how we can work together.

I had a meeting with ClicSargent on Tuesday – they help young people dealing with cancer. And we discussed what we can do to help and we would be a great next step for them and I was then passed a girls details who wanted to start her own business so she will now be starting the next Enterprise course wich starts next week! I also phoned lots of young people to arrange catching up with them as we have lots of new programmes starting.
Later on that day I then had a meeting about the Skills Academy programmes we are doing. The gorvernment gave us funding to put toward our Get into Retail and Get into Cooking programme but the conditions are it has to be agesd 16-19 because they are wanting to capture all the school leavers. Which means we have lots of refferals from people who are ‘too old’ so I am not contacting them and finding other options for them, I have also been asked to do some interviews for these two course.

We have 5 new Job Ambassadors starting in Febuary and on Wednesday they where all in for there interviews and induction so in the morning I sat in on it and told them nearly everything myself and the others have been doing. It very exciting to be getting more of us – we will be taking over Scotland, litteraly, soon!
In the afternoon I was then fully booked with young people coming in.

On Thursday we had the final My Club meeting to get the the timetable drawn up and put it forward for funding – exciting stuff! This has been absolutley amazaing to be involved with this right from the start and see what really happens to get a course up and running. As we are working with theĀ  SPL Trust on this we have managed to get 5 other football stadiums to agrees to doing the course as well! Fingers crossed we get this funding!!

Friday we had a team day so everyone from the Outreach, Assessment & Outcomes department went to Hampden Park (I seem to be doing a tour of all the stadiums) where we had a big team meeting in the morning and then in the afternoon had a crazy activity – realy life murder mystery! We had actors come in and split us into Spy teams so I was Austrailian for the day and everytime Austrailia was mentioned we had to shout “Brace yourself Sheila!” it was a flipping hilerious day I think all of us where in tears of laughter!


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