Job Ambassadors week #12

Just a few days left till Christmas!

I had a few days left to take for annual leave so Monday and Tuesday I was off and finished all my Christmas shopping – woohoo. Feels so good to have it all done and have the money to make this year a perfect Christmas for Kiera.

Wednesday I cought up on emails in the morning and then from 11.30 I was filming with STV- yes Kiera is involved in the video.

Thursday (today) I have done my weekly feedback form for my boss and finished off paperwork. I have the afternoon off but I was also asked to come along to a High School meeting about disengaged young people at 1.30 so I am going along to that to see how we can help.

I have Friday off and then thats us all off until Thursday 3rd January!

We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year – see you in 2013!!

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