Job Ambassadors week #17

So I kept this kind of quiet but just before Christmas I did a short 60 second clip for STV that as on today for the next two weeks will be shown on TV – Yikes!
Monday was spent meeting young people and phoning the rest to arrange meetings.

Tuesday Morning I was then at the Young Ambassadors taster day where I spoke to them about Job Ambassadors and my job.
I was then at a Connect2 meeting discussing working together and how we can help one another out and what there courses entail. Later on I was then working on finding other Cooking & Retail options for young people who where ‘too old’ for the Skills Academy ones so I phoned Tennents training and GRA and managed to pull some things together I then phoned all the young people and and arranged for them to come in.

On Wednesday we had our Job Ambassadors team meeting – I love these because we all get to catch up on what we are doing and give each other advice and tips. We are such an awesome team. We went over learning styles as well I came out as a Be Perfect, Please People and Hurry up – which didn’t suprise me at all because I like to complete things perfectly but also make sure everyone else is happy with it.

I had a meeting with one of the Job Centres on Thursday to talk about me going out there once a week. I also managed to get 10 spaces for interviews for the GRA Retail course they do so I phoned 10 of the 22 young people wanting to do Retail and asked them to come the the interview on Monday.

On Friday Amanda and me got asked to go into a very last minute meeting with Richard Cornish, JCP Director, to talk about what we are wanting to do in the Job Centres and how it could be made better. Straight after that we had to litterally run for the bus to go to the Prince’s Trust centre for a programme information day which had some young people there who are on/completed the Fairbridge programme and also people from the Job Centre, SDS and other organisations.
I was then picked up and taken to the EEI meeting – where they recognised me from the STV advert!  

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