Job Ambassadors week #3

The weeks just keep getting better.

Monday I was out at the Thistle hotel for the Get into Retail taster day, which was great to see some of the people I had help interview attend. It was a good day, there was 6 staff and 6 tables of young people so we went and sat in with a group and watched how they worked. At the end of the day we had to choose 20 young people to go through to the final interview for the course, which was quite hard but we made great choices!

On Tuesday our tablets, by Fujitsu, arrived!
A few weeks ago when we got told about these I forgot who they were made by and called them a Fidget and now the name has stuck, so the team and our boss calls them Fidgets.
We also had a full day of Health and Safety training, held by Angie, who came up from Manchester.

Wednesday was the first full day spent at my new desk and I was then able to finish setting up my Fidget and coming to terms with it. So now I have a colourcoded calander. I also started some of the online learning for the Prince’s Trust.

Thursday morning I was really unwell! But nothing was going to stop me. I typed up all our notes and training from the last few weeks and even did it in a way that if Hayley, our boss, wants to use these for the next group of Job Ambassadors she can, I also emailed this to the rest of the team so we all have copies on our Fidgets.
In the afternoon I started to find more potential agencies we could work together with and started to email a few – can’t phone anywhere yet as we haven’t got our mobiles yet.

On Friday in the morning I went to the Job Centre in Shettleston, Glasgow, where Peter will be based every Friday as of November.
Then in the afternoon I heard back from two agencies so I am arranging meetings with them for 2 weeks time (as I’m fully booked next week!)

Also Friday was Payday woohoo!



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