Job Ambassadors week #4

Sorry for the very late update!

On the last week of every month I thought it would be a good idea to get the other Job Ambassador’s to write a little bit about what they have been up to over that month – of course this was just our first month so the first two weeks were training and after that it has got a lot more exciting and in the months to come we will all have more and more to tell you!

This is a great way to see what Job Ambassadors are doing all over Scotland and not just read about what I am up to! Also it means we can look back on what we’ve all been doing. This month, sadly, not all of our ‘Fidgets’ (Fujitsu tablets) have been working so I have only been able to get two peoples updates.

Peter Sweeney, Glasgow;
This month i have been mostly training and going out to organisations such as JCP and some taster days to get a feel for the courses and know what there about and also done some interview shadowing . i have been to a few meetings with the job centre to see how we are going to work in partnership with to help support young people also for next week i have arranged a couple of meetings with other youth organisations in the east end . That’s about it for now really.”

Naomi, Edinburgh;
      “Over the past month we have been meeting a lot of new faces and getting up to date with Princes Trust policies and procedures. We have really bonded in our new team and have been working on various small projects to get us thinking about our new roles as Job Ambassadors.

Kendal and I have been taking the lead, putting together a Job Ambassadors Road Show, this will highlight for all young people, fundraisers and corporate members just what we are doing here and how we can work with them.
We have been talking with local organisations who also help deliver programms to young people to get a beter idea of who is using these services and how we can link in to speak to as many young people as possible.
The new JA’s have all since met down in London for a training day which was a really great experience, we got to know who else was working with us and how we could all help each other. It really brought a nice feeling to the whole thing knowing we were not on our own. It was also nice to share a little bit of practice with the newer JAs to help build their confidence about the new job.
Over the next few weeks we will continue to link in with other organisations and keep getting the word out there!”
As for me…
Last week really started to get super busy! By Monday afternoon my calander (all colour coded and up to date!) was pretty much full. I also sat in on a few job interviews for one of the jobs in the Prince’s Trust which was really good to sit in on, and ask a few questions.
Tuesday did some more of the Away Day presentation, finished of a slideshow for it and then in the afternoon completed all the online learning that is madetory for the Prince’s Trust!
Went to Fuse Youth Centre in Glasgow on Wednesday with Peter for our first meeting on seeing how we can work together.
On Thursday we all went to London for some training and to meet other Job Ambassadors, was good to meet some other newbies! At the end of that me, Peter and Michelle went to see Amy Whinehouse’s house seeing as we were only 10 minutes away.
Friday I was hardcore and came in to work! Because we where in London on the Thursday we had half a day TOIL but I decided to take mine on the Monday. In the afternoon I went along with Craig Martin from the PDP department to the Team’s Fire Reach Presentation – which was brilliant!
So, that was my week last week – again sorry it’s such a late update!
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