Job Ambassador’s week #5

This week I sorted out more for the All Staf Away Day Job Ambassador’s Presentation.

On the Tuesday I also had a very exciting meeting with Deirdrie from Fixers UK, talking about a new project starting in Scotland where 16-25 year olds (employed or not) can go to them with something they a passionate in making a change about (knife crime, eating dissorders, cleaing up enviroment etc.) and get a chance to create a video or something to help make a change!

I have also started working on a presentaion that us Job Ambassadors can use for meeting with other organisations and young people and started phoning round a few more organisations to arrange meetings.

On Thursday I started working on a spreadsheet we can use to keep track of all organisations we have contacted and what the outcome of that was, I was also meant to have my first young person one to one but unfortunatly they couldn’t make it.

I went to a Get into Construction taster day on the Friday – a taster day is when about 30 young people attend and we get them working as a team on various tasks to then narrow it down to put them on to Taster 2, we narrow it down to about 20 and on taster 2 it is more intense and that gets narrowed down to 15 (depending on the programme).
So, at the end of the day we all discussed who we thought was ready to go through to Taster 2 and then I took home some case loads of young people who didn’t get through or didn’t show up so I can give them a call, ask them to come in and have a chat and then decide what programme would be more suited for them.

Each week is getting more and more exciting!



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