Job Ambassador’s week #6

What have I been upto this week…

On Monday I went out to a youth centre, GYIP, to discuss how we could start working together. Then when I was back in the office me and a collegue went over the young people who didn’t get ontot the Construction course and I was then given 25 young people to call and arrange meetings with to then discuss with them what other options there are. Also had my first monthly one to one with my boss, Hayley, which went really well :)

Tuesday I had a half day in the afternoon so I spent the morning phoning the young people from the day before and arranging meetings with them.

Wednesday I was at a meeting for a new project, My Generation at Work, we had a youth advisory group to discuss how we could make a positive impact to create a new project – very exciting!

Thursday morning had our first Away Day run through with the whole team together, was good to see everyone and get everyones imput on the presentation, in the afternoon we also had a team meeting with our boss, Hayley, and the boss boss, Ken – which again went really well.

And on Friday, today, I have been typing up what everyone is saying for the Away Day presentation and then putting them onto que cards, sorting out t-shirts/sashes, had a meeting with a young person (which was awesome) and been a really busy bee!

But I love it :)

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