Job Ambassadors week #7

This week we had the All Staff Day, so leading up to this I was doing finishing touches to the Job Ambassadors presentation.

On the Tuesday we also had our first full team meeting since we started which was great to find out what we have all been doing, get some ideas of the others and just have a catch up.

Then Wednesday it was the All Staff Day. It was really good to see all the Scotland staff together and get to know everyone! We did our presenation about what Job Ambassadors do and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Thursday I contacted all the High Schools in Glasgow to let them know about what my job role is and contacted lots of young people to arrange meetings with them later on I then got ready for the Job Centre on the Friday as I was filling in for Peter as he had a meeting that day. The Job Centre went well, met quite a few young people and will be arranging one to ones with them next week! 

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