Just A Little Panic

Kiera is two in 2 weeks (4th July) and I am starting to panic. 

Since going self-employed my money has got messed up, I was told it would be straight forward and easy to sort out… 3 months later its still not. At the moment I am not taking a wage from Giggles and Tickles anything I make is going straight back into the business and it will be like this for the first year.

Its been about 6 weeks now I’ve been self-employed. I knew I’d be skint but also new I should be able to live comfortably with the money I was meant to be receiving but of course its never that simple.

I am now so broke that I have only bought Kiera 1 thing so far for her birthday and that is a toddler bed from Kiddicraft. This Thursday I get £120 in which I need to do a food shop with, pay bills and use the rest for more gifts. Unless I get this back dated money in before her birthday I am not going to be able to afford to get her everything I really wanted to.

Every parent wants to spoil there child on there birthdays and I know this is Kiera’s 2nd birthday so its not like she will know if I get her a few things late, but I will know.

 I am good with my money. I’ve got a weekly spreadsheet showing whats coming in, going out and left over and its just upsetting me that what I had put in there for her birthday I am now having to change – thank you HMRC.

On top of all of this my housing benefit has been cut and this week I find out if it gets sorted or not – if not I risk loosing the flat or I will need to go back on income support, which I really dont want to do.

This annoys me so much because I am wanting to work but they are making it so hard for me.

I’ve been getting really worked up about it.

This week is the week I will hopefully have everything sorted out…

Fingers crossed.




UPDATE: was on the phone, again, to child & working tax credits. Apparently won’t be getting money for 3 weeks! I really hope they mean the Monday just before Kiera’s birthday. FML

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