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Hey guys, sorry I’ve not blogged sooner about the Kevin Spacey workshop! Been so busy settling into my new house and trying to catch up on sleep, but now I will tell you ALL about my trip to London.

Well as you know I am now a youth ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, which means I will get so many opportunities to do lots of events and workshops throughout the UK.

Two weeks ago me and another girl Amanda got asked if we would like to go to London to do a workshop with Kevin Spacey, as he is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and moved to London 9 years ago to start his own theatre company. Of course we were both so excited to go. Amanda’s scared of flying so she got the train down and I flew from Edinburgh.

My flight was at 7am so I had to be at the airport for 5am which meant I was up at 4am! I thought I would’ve been totally nakerd but I was too excited. I checked in at the airport and then got a caramel latte and a toastie for breakfast, before I new it I was on the plane. I had printed off all the information and, thankfully, Helena had emailed me a detailed description of were to go when I got off the plane etc. So while I was on the plane I read over the email of directions so that when I got off the plane I could just go for it.

Once I arrived at Luton Airport I got on a bus to Luton Airport Parkway and then a train to Kings Cross and then another to Borough, my finial destination. It was about 9.30 so I was and hour and a half early to meet everyone else which meant I got to wonder around for a bit and get another coffee. Amanda then arrived around 10.30 and she grabbed a coffee and then we waited outside the train station for everyone else.

Just after 11 we were all at the studio, Jerwood Place, where the workshop was taking place. We were on the 8th floor waiting for Kevin Spacey to finish a press interview downstairs, so we started doing some ice-breakers to get to know each other. Then about 12.3o we went downstairs to the room where the workshop was to be held but Kevin Spacey was still busy so we did another game where we all had to stand in a circle and when you looked up whoever you caught eyes with you had to do a dramatic death and fall to the ground, of course Amanda, myself and two other girls were on the ground ‘dead’ when we all of a sudden heard an American voice saying, “Oh this is a pleasant way to meet,” our faces were priceless! It was so embarrassing, but we continued the game until everyone was ‘dead’.

After that Kevin went round us all asking our names and shaking our hands, he then started to ask us what or who inspires us and how we came about being involved with the Prince’s Trust and how it has helped us. We were also told to write briefly what/who inspires us in speech bubbles that were on the wall which you can see in this YouTube video I had wrote that my daughter inspired me to change my whole life.

We ended up all sitting talking about our inspirations and what we plan to do with out futures now and we also got to ask Mr Spacey some questions too.

At the end he had to do a live Sky News report with all of us sat in the background. We were told to chat really quietly to each other and not sit looking at the camera, which was really hard to do! Me, Amanda and another girl Leah, who’s younger brother is in Eastenders! Were all sitting chatting away and Leah said for a joke we should all do a Mexican wave I then as a laugh said, “Wheyyy” now I’m not sure if you can hear me but I am pretty sure you can. After that we got pictures taken and autographs.

I cant get over how down to earth and just such a nice guy Kevin Spacey is. I think we all wish we could’ve stayed there and chatted longer with him but he had places to be.

It was such an amazing day, I’m so glad I went and it was definitely worth getting up at 4am for! There are lots of pictures to come, so when I’ve been emailed them I will post them for you all too see. Please take a look at the YouTube video Kevin Spacey goes into more detail about the Amex Be Inspired project.


If you have a Twitter account then tweet what/who inspires you with #AmexBeInspired and every tweet or retweet 50p will get donated to the Prince’s Trust.





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    September 13, 2011 at 09:19

    We have a Prince’s Trust Million Makers team and another way to support #PrincesTrust is to buy a brick and support our cause. Pls RT Lets go viral!

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