Kiera’s 2nd Birthday!

Kiera’s birthday was last week, 4th July.

I know I am very late in updating this – sorry!!

Well, as most of you know I have now had no money coming in since April, apart from £20 pw child benefit. So when it came to Kiera’s birthday I got quite upset cause I couldn’t afford to get her what I wanted to, but we had a small birthday and on Friday I am getting all my backdated money and taking Kiera shopping!

In the morning I got Kiera out of bed, stuck on a stir fry and Kiera waited patiently by the living room door wondering what all the new things in the living room…

Before letting her in I got her dressed and then took her into the living room. Straight away she started playing with the balloons and shouting, “Boons!” I did actually start to think I should have just bought her £60 worth of balloons…

Once Kiera realized there was also presents to open the excitement just got better. 

We then, after breakfast, got ready and went to the park. We went and see the fish, reptiles and then ran about like mad outside for ages!!

The cake I made Kiera was amazing.

I do surprise myself…

This is a lemon cake, homemade, with vanilla icing, M&Ms and I managed to make the cake mix multicolored! Although I was worried it hadn’t quite worked as I obviously couldn’t see the cake inside until it was cut!

But, it was a success!!!! 

I am glad Kiera enjoyed herself and I cannot wait to take her shopping on Friday!



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