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A few months ago Mini K saw a photo of someone getting their hair chopped off and she was asking me why was it in a plait. I explained to her that this girl had cut off 10″ of hair and was going to give it to a Charity called the Little Princess Trust who will then turn it into a wig and give it to a little girl who has lost her hair because she has been very unwell.

Mini K asked me lots of questions like “but why did her hair fall out” and “are these girls my age?” and “why did they become so unwell”. We sat and talked about it for ages and I could see in Mini K’s face she was quite upset about this. I asked her what she was thinking and she said, “I think it’s sad that girls can lose all their hair but it’s awesome that we can help” from there she decided she was to cut her hair and donate it.

We’ve sat and watched lots of videos of the whole process from cutting the hair, posting it, it being turned into wig and then being given to someone and Mini K has loved it.

I wanted to make sure she wasn’t just making a rash decision so I held off for a couple of months but she kept bringing it up.

On Saturday I asked her how short would she want her hair and then measured from there to see where we are at – it currently measure 11″! We then sent away for the hair donation/fundraising pack from the Little Princess Charity and watched a few more videos – she loves watching the ones of the wigs being made and the girls receiving them. Mini K then had a look at photos of different hair cuts and has planned what she’d like to get done.

We’d like to get her hair to around 12-13″ so we’ve decided to do some fundraising first and once Mini K reaches her target (or goes over) then she will go for the chop!

Please take your time to look into this amazing charity Mini K has decided to support and if you can donate anything from £1 it would be truly grateful!

You can donate by;

  • Going on the JustGiving page
  • Texting 70070 with PMKG50 £2 (or any other amount)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

We will have lots of updates to follow!


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