Living Arrows | 14/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

Mini K is obsessed with this dog snap chat filter!
I took her shopping on Monday after school to get her new school shoes as she’s out grown her other ones – she’s going through such a growth spurt just now.

I had picked her up a pair of hot pink high top converse for her birthday, which isn’t until July but I’m trying to buy one a thing a month, turns out her feet are growing  a lot too so I ended up giving them to her on Wednesday after her school showcase because I was worried they wouldn’t fit by July!

Her school Showcase was amazing, it was all about France and she spoke so confidently up on the stage. I’m so proud of her. She asked me for advice on public speaking because she knows I’ve done a lot of it through work.

As for Little M, he’s been very clingy this week and also appears to be going through a growth spurt.
He’s also biting everything, but no sign of teething yet. He was weighed and checked over on Wednesday from the Health Visitor and she’s said she won’t be back out now until he’s just turned 1!

we had little bursts of sun last week so I got Little M some new sunglasses which he was very happy about and also got him a new toy that he can bite and he loves it!

Living Arrows

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